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About Steve Tadych

"I care about my clients."

I have lived in Japan for over 11 years. I love Japan, and I have met so many amazing people here.  Japan has helped me in many ways, so I want to help people as much as possible.  I have used my 22 years of business experience in Japan and New York City and 9 years of English coaching experience in Japan to help many people realize their dreams of succeeding in their careers, traveling around the world, and feeling more confident about themselves.

Zoom/Skype Sessions

Custom for YOUR needs

Whether you need Business Coaching, English Coaching, or are searching for a new job, 

I am here for you.

You will be well-prepared for each session so you make progress quickly.

Every session is enjoyable and does not feel like work.

Your "Secret Weapon"

Have an important email you will send to Global?   

Have an important presentation you are preparing?

Have a resume you want to send?

Send it to me first!

I will check it for you, fix any English mistakes, and

make suggestions to improve it.

Constant Support / Daily Diary

I am available 7 days a week via Email and Text for any English or Business questions you have.

Also, you can text me and tell me about your day!

Had a great day? I am here to help you celebrate!

Had a bad day? I am here to listen.

I will reply thoughtfully and also proofread what you sent.

Articles and Videos

Each week, I send you at least 5 articles and videos related to your needs and interests to give you extra content to help you reach your goals faster. 

You can email me your opinions on them so I can proofread them, or we can discuss them in the our sessions together.


  • Planning - We will continue to review your short and long term goals to make sure we are on pace to reach them.

  • Guidance - If you study things you are interested in, it feels less like work and more like fun.  I want you to enjoy your lesson time and self-study time.  Self-study time is very important.  

  • Flexibility - We are busy people, so it is important that our lessons are scheduled in the same routine.  However, because we are a team and we understand that situations can happen, rescheduling is allowed.


I am lucky to have such great clients. Here is their feedback about my Coaching:



単発 就職面接対策

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"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."

- Walt Disney

Free Online Meeting and Custom Coaching Plan