System and Pricing

All of my coaching clients receive everything on this page.

If you have any questions, email me anytime at [email protected] or schedule a meeting with me by clicking the link below.

Free Meeting and Custom Coaching Plan

Zoom or Skype Sessions

with Me

Meetings from the comfort of your own home or office.

Articles and Videos

At least 5 articles and videos related to your needs and interests.  Then, you email me about them or we discuss them in our session.

Text Me Anytime

7 days a week, unlimited.

Guidance and Planning

We set clear goals and work together to achieve them.


I understand that my clients are busy people.

We can reschedule sessions when necessary.


Free Access to

My Pre-Recorded Courses

These courses cost ¥24900 each.

As my coaching client, you get them free.

Your "Secret Weapon"

Suggestions, proofreading, and practice for presentations, important work emails, resumes, reports, and anything else you need.

Video Course # 1

Proper Pronunciation

I have helped thousands of Japanese people improve their pronunciation using these techniques.

A 1 hour per day, 50-day program where you follow my clear, step-by-step instructions in short, easy to understand, pre-recorded videos and worksheets.

I took all of the tips I have taught in years of coaching Japanese clients and put them all into this course.

If you follow the plan, you will see incredible improvement in your pronunciation, speaking speed, and listening ability.

You do not get live sessions with me, but if there is something you do not understand, you can email me, and of course I will help you.

Watch the videos for more information and sample lesson!

¥249,000 *Free for coaching clients

Video Course # 2

Job Hunt / Interview Preparation

I was a successful headhunter in Japan, and I have helped thousands of people in their job search.

I took all of the tips, strategies, and secrets, and put them in this video course.

I also tell you about the mistakes many people make that make them lose the job they should have gotten!

Also Includes:

Resume proofreading 

Proofreading of all of your answers to all of the most common interview questions and my feedback and suggestions for improvement

Proofreading of all of the questions you will have prepared to ask the interviewer and my feedback and suggestions for improvement.

And more!

Watch the videos for more information and sample lesson!

(Free for coaching clients)

Become My Coaching Client

You get everything listed above.

The only difference in Options is the number of sessions you get each month.

Option 1

4-5 60-minute Zoom/Skype Sessions Per Month (1 Per Week)

12 months: ¥189,000 per month

6 months: ¥240,000 per month

3 months: ¥290,000 per month

Monthly: ¥320,000 per month - Great for Job Interview Preparation!

Option 2

8-9 60-minute Zoom/Skype Sessions Per Month (2 Per Week)

12 months: ¥297,360 per month

6 months: ¥378,000 per month

3 months: ¥422,000 per month

Monthly: ¥504,000 per month

Please note: I must meet with you first to make sure I understand your situation. 

After that, based on your situation and which option you are interested in, I will make a Custom Coaching Plan for you so we have clear expectations, goals, and a plan to achieve them. 

There is never any pressure at all.

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